The Zeh Story.

Zeh portrays the natural beauty of Pakistan. Our brand name is inspired from an area in Balochistan called Zeh, where onyx and other marbles were discovered decades ago.

The story of the brand began in 2014 with a father’s idea of designing a table top made from green onyx with the help of his daughter. Sooner or later, the work evolved into producing a collection of marble platters and much more.

Zeh began to transform into a design house, offering an array of marble ware, tables and stone products for national and international clientele.

Our Vision

To be a quality and customer-driven design house and lifestyle brand for marble and stone products known for its contemporary, unique and innovative style.

Our Foundation

The Hashwani Group of Companies emerged in the late 60s as one of the leading business houses in Pakistan.

The interest of the group ranges from commodities, frozen foods and textiles to mining and processing of various minerals including chrome, salt, barite, iron ore, onyx, travertine and other marbles.

Our group has a diversified international business portfolio and we conduct business in the Asian, European, Middle East and African markets.

Our Brand

Zeh, from the house of Hashwani Group, portrays Pakistan’s natural elements in the form of interior decorative products.

Our collection of marble, granite, onyx and brass pieces ranges from the trendy and innovative to the chic and contemporary variety with our prime focus on quality and reliability, and of course, our service to you.

Zeh provides and delivers a myriad of designs, including platters, accent pieces, sculptures and tables to every corner of the world. The brand also offers a service for customized orders for platters and tables.

Zeh uses local and imported marbles and stones to create its eclectic collection of marble ware, accent pieces and beauty products.


“At Zeh we focus on contemporary designs and accent pieces that modernize your space. We strongly believe in providing a high standard of customer service and we hope that your journey with Zeh is one of value and comfort”

Creative Head, Zeh Creations

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