Crystal Facial Roller Set


The Crystal Facial Spa Set comes with three lollipop-shaped and one spiky-shaped rollers AND a massaging rod. The interchangeable handle allows FIVE different massage tools and THREE different crystals! Use the crystal rollers interchangeably as per your mood and desire and roll, roll, roll away!

What are it’s benefits?

Tigtens pores * Promotes lymphatic drainage * Reduces inflammation and puffiness of the skin * Allows skincare products to penetrate more deeply * Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles * Improves blood circulation and oxygen flow * Tightens and tones facial muscles

How do I use it?

The Crystal Facial Roller Set can be used anytime, preferably twice daily, in the morning and evening for 2-4 minutes.
You can cool the set in the fridge for a refreshing experience.
Start with a clean face. You may prep skin with a facial oil or serum.

Cheeks & Jawline: Using either roller, start at the chin rolling up and towards the ears. Do the same from the lips and nose.

Eyes: Using the smaller rollers, start at the inner corner of each eye and roll towards outer corner. Do this both under the eyes and on the lids.

Neck: Using either roller, start under the chin rolling downwards towards the collar bone and working outwards towards the side of the neck.

Forehead: Using either roller, start at the middle of your forehead and roll up and to the right or left.

For Interchangeable Rolling:

1. Gently rotate the top and pull it softly.
2. Replace with your chosen crystal roller.
3. Benefit from the various crystals as per your mood and desire!

For the Bottom Rod:

1. Massage the base rod from the center temple area upwards towards the hairline.
2. Rub along the side of the earlobe towards the top.
3. Rub along the jaw line towards the ear.

How do I clean it?

Wipe gently with a soft damp cloth after each use. For deeper cleaning, mild soap can be used. Never soak in water or use harsh chemicals. After gently wiping, keep it flat on a cloth to air dry. Make sure the Roller is completely dry before storage.

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